the paranormal ϕeer group

the paranormal φeer group is a queer collective for sound/space-based performances and transdisciplinary discourse. The three members Jakob Boeckh & Maria Huber & Ole Hübner met each other during their joint studies at the Giessen Institute of Applied Theater Studies and since then – meanwhile with work bases in Hamburg and Berlin – have been working together as an artistic-scientific collective. They understand both artistic creation and theoretical discourse as inseparably interwoven strategies with political, queer and utopian aspirations.

Their collaborative works playfully reflect on experiences, perspectives, and methods from their individual professional backgrounds – primarily in dramaturgy, scenography, and composition – and intersect them with each other anew in each project. As a team, they function in a radically discursive, experimental and non-hierarchical manner, conceiving all parameters of an artistic work as equal and in reciprocal influence. Current joint works include the sound-based lecture-performance Staying Broken with Neo Hülcker (Festival für immaterielle Kunst, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, 09/2020), the interactive online installation/performance Befriending Ghosts – Digital Hauntings with Armen Avanessian, Neo Hülcker and Buraq Ertuerk (Volksbühne Berlin digital / HAU4, digital stage of Hebbel am Ufer Berlin @ Performing Arts Festival Berlin) and the sound-based performative installation Loss of Signal (of course I still love you) with Amélie Haller, Julia Mihály, Lydia Schmidl and Miguel Ángel García Martín (MS Stubnitz Hamburg, 08/2021).

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the paranormal φeer group